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Our Newest Addition to our fleet!!

Today's Limousine - Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm very proud and honored to announce the newest addition to our fleet, built with a purpose for a great cause. Since starting Today's Limousine in 1991, we’ve watched the market change over the years and have seen just about everything on 4 wheels stretched. We've always stayed ahead of the times, featuring the latest trends and offer the largest, most unique fleet of limousines in Upstate New York. We’ve stretched everything from Town Cars to Navigators to Hummer H2’s... for 2014 we decided our Newest Flagship should have a purpose, to give back to something that manages to effect all of us. It’s not something you hear about only once in awhile, it hits close to home all to often. I've seen 1st hand the struggles of breast cancer, thankfully some of the survivors we know include members of our staffs family, a very inspirational former employee, some of our clients and their families and my own very dear mother, who’s been cancer free for over 15 years.

It brings me great joy and we are very proud to announce our newest addition to our fleet....

The Brand New 2014 18 Passenger “Pink” Cadillac Escalade built in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness!!

With every reservation booked for this vehicle… Weddings, Proms, Night Outs...etc... We’re donating 10% of the gross sales in your honor to one of two Breast Cancer Charities as a way of giving back, to support families and our community who have supported us for over 22 years.

Our new limousine is ready for pick up in California, look for updates and photos of its journey to the Capital Region over the next week!! We will also be featuring the organizations who will be receiving the donations. We are very excited about our new purchase and look forward to hearing your comments!


Michael Rosenthal, President 
Today’s Limousine Inc.

Tips for Avoiding the Stress During Executive Travel

Today's Limousine - Monday, December 02, 2013
Traveling can be stressful for anyone, but it can be even more stressful for those who are traveling for business purposes.

Perhaps it’s because there is a lot more to focus on than fun and relaxation. But you can travel for business and maintain peace of mind if you remember a few things before and during your trip. Planning in advance is a key component, and doing things such as booking black car service and traveling light will help you to avoid rushing around with last minute preparations.

1. Time Time is everything, and it seems like there is just never enough of it. This is doubly true when you need to travel for business, because the time spent preparing for travel and the actual travel time is precious time lost from more productive activities. Many business travelers think they can continue working while on the road or in flight, but this is easier said than done. If you prepare your work materials ahead of time, and well as your ground transportation there will be no reason to stress about it. An executive car service booked early can be a lifesaver!

2. Transportation Once you arrive at your destination, it can be stressful trying to acquire transportation to and from the airport to your hotel or other establishment. This is especially true during peak travel seasons. But you can avoid the hassle by booking a black car service in advance. By ensuring that an executive car service will meet you when you arrive, you avoid much of the stress that comes with business travel.

3. Lost Luggage If possible, travel light. If you can take everything you need with you in a carry-on bag, then you won't have to worry about lost luggage. You'll also save time waiting at the baggage claim and head straight to your black car service while others are waiting for their luggage.

4. Flight delays While you can't always plan for flight delays and other unforeseen events such as bad weather, you can often ensure that you still reach your destination in a timely fashion by booking an earlier flight than you might need. And if you do arrive early, you'll have more time to do other things in a relaxed manner, such as prepare speeches or reports, enjoy a meal, visit some local attractions, etc. Your executive car service can take your around town, but only if you make the time for it by planning ahead!

5. Breaking Your Routine Many of us are slaves to particular routines such as workouts, dieting, etc. Travel sometimes compromises those routines, but it doesn't always have to. If you are worried that the meal on the plane might not be in line with what you prefer to eat, pack your own meal. If you are worried about missing a workout, try to book a hotel with a gym. There are always usually ways to ensure you can stick to your routine.

Make business travel easier with black car service. Today’s Limousine offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from for your business travel needs. Our executive car service will ensure you get where you need to go, when you need to be there. Contact us online to book your black car service today, or call us at 518.452.4242.

Go To Fall Concerts and Events in Style – With New York’s Leading Limo Service

Today's Limousine - Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall is a gorgeous season with the many hues of gold on the trees, it’s a great time of the year to plan your fall Foliage tour, just sit back, relax, take pictures and leave the driving to us. Today’s Limousine has a fleet to accommodate groups from 2 to 30 passengers! 


When planning your next concert event, avoid the hassles of parking at the Times Union Center in downtown Albany, returning to a cold vehicle, dealing with traffic getting out of SPAC in Saratoga or trying to find a designated driver if you plan on having a few drinks. With so many exciting concerts and events going on in The Capital District this fall, a trusted limo service is a great way to get where you want in style and comfort, for the hassle free experience you deserve. 


Choose a fall concert or event you’d like attend in the Capital District, New York City, or even the Boston area, call one of Today’s Limousine reservation specialists to reserve your luxury limo service and you’ll have something you can really look forward to – a memorable night on the town.

Hiring a luxury limo service will make your fall concert or event unforgettable in many ways. Whether you are going to:

When planning your special event, go with experience & a name you can trust… Today’s Limousine.


For more information on our luxury limo services, contact one of the reservation specialists at Today’s Limousine. Ask about a range of different packages we have for you to choose from, inquire about our ongoing weekly specials and get the best deal on your limo service in Upstate New York. Put our 22 years of experience to work for you with our gorgeous well-maintained fleet and courteous & professionally attired chauffeurs!  


Contact us at 518.452.4242 or click here to get your free quote and schedule your most unforgettable evening this fall.

Limousine Service For Your Wedding Day

Today's Limousine - Saturday, July 13, 2013

Limousine Service For Your Wedding Day


Traditionally, years and years ago, the village bride and her wedding party always walked together to the church. Leading the procession was a small girl laying down flowers along the road, so the bride's path through life would always be happy and blessed with flowers. As time progressed and villages grew into cities and counties, a need for transportation arose. With that need, came the growth of the Luxury Transportation Industry! Limousine Transportation holds an expression of elegance and style, a limousine service allows the bride and groom to add another unique touch to their Special Wedding Day. It allows you to concern yourself with other aspects of your day while letting the Limousine Specialists get you there in style and comfort. Contrary to popular belief, limousine service is more affordable than most people think!


Congratulations to all! Whether your Special Day is just around the corner, or further up the road, you will have to consider a choice of transportation. For those considering limousines, here are some guidelines to consider before choosing a limousine service:


 Talk with a limousine specialist about the type of service you will need. The more information you can give a limousine specialist the better they should be able to serve you. There is no such thing as "to much" information when it pertains to your special day!


 Depending on your wedding date, your reservations should be made six months to a year in advance. Some dates get reserved quicker than others. If your planning your wedding in the months of April to October, you should reserve at least 1 year in advance. If you are having your wedding in the winter months, November to March, three to six months prior to your date is more than sufficient time to reserve. If you're interested in reserving one of our Specialty Vehicles, such as our:  Limo Buses, Escalades, Excursions, Navigators, Expeditions or Hummers; ( ), you will need to reserve them well in advance of your Special Day. We recommend up to a year in advance for our Specialty Fleet.


 When you call and speak with a company concerning their limousines, you should always insist on viewing their limousines before you put a deposit down. If you are dealing with a company that tells you that you can not see their limousines, it would not be recommended to reserve with them.  If a company has beautiful limousines in their fleet then they will be proud & willing to show them to you! We take Great Pride in showcasing our fleet of 30 vehicles, which took 22 years to build and is the largest fleet of limousines in Upstate New York! ( )


 Another great point of reference is to ask your Photographer or Videographer if they work with the transportation directly during your special day. They will know first hand which companies show up on time and are reputable and which ones are a good idea to stay away from.


 Make sure all their chauffeurs are properly trained and licensed for chauffeuring. Your chauffeur should be well versed in Bridal Etiquette. They should be able to sew the occasional tear, pin on those tricky boutonnieres and fluff your beautiful gown before you make your grand entrance. One of their most important qualities is to have the ability to calm the nerves of the eager bride & groom.


 Lastly, this might be the most important thing to inquire about, although it does not seem so: all limousines should be properly registered and insured with livery insurance. What this means is the license plate should say LIVERY right on the bottom of the plate, or should say BUS, if it is a vehicle that holds 14 passengers or more. Vanity plates (specialized plates with company name or logo on them) will also say livery on them. There are no vanity plates for buses. If the limousine you are considering does not have livery insurance, it would not be recommended to reserve with them. They could hold no liability for you in the unfortunate case of an accident. In addition to this, making sure all Bus’s & SUV Limousines are New York State DOT Inspected is also a very prudent idea.


Observing all of these tips will make the transportation aspect for your special day go extremely smooth. Although this sounds like a lot to pay attention to, it really isn’t. If you are dealing with a company that puts you first, all of these will follow. You can learn more about Today's Limousine by clicking our link Wishing you all the best on your special day!

Today's Limousine donates service for charity event featuring Chef Robert Irvine

Today's Limousine - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This past weekend Today's Limousine had the opportunity to be part of an awesome charity event to benefit the American Cancer Society! The event featured celebrity chef Robert Irvine from the show Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network. It was held at Proctor's Theatre located in Schenectady, NY.  We had a great time working with everyone involved and our asst. manager Dennis Ratzker, who's also a big fan of the show, was thrilled to have a chance to meet Mr. Irvine and keep him on point as we provided the transportation for his appearances. We'd like to thank everyone who came out to support the American Cancer Society and made this event a success! 



Today's Limousine Announces The Launch Of Daily Shuttles

Today's Limousine - Monday, January 07, 2013
Today’s Limousine is Proud to announce the Launch of our Daily Shuttles to:
  • Newark Airport
  • JFK Airport
  • Manhattan Piers
  • Bayonne Piers
…. We have raised the bar in public transportation to & from airports & cruise terminals. You now can buy a seat on any of our daily shuttles right online through our website or by calling one of our professional reservation specialists. Please click on the link below to learn more about our Daily Shuttles and to make a reservation!