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Limousine Service For Your Wedding Day

Limousine Service For Your Wedding Day


Traditionally, years and years ago, the village bride and her wedding party always walked together to the church. Leading the procession was a small girl laying down flowers along the road, so the bride's path through life would always be happy and blessed with flowers. As time progressed and villages grew into cities and counties, a need for transportation arose. With that need, came the growth of the Luxury Transportation Industry! Limousine Transportation holds an expression of elegance and style, a limousine service allows the bride and groom to add another unique touch to their Special Wedding Day. It allows you to concern yourself with other aspects of your day while letting the Limousine Specialists get you there in style and comfort. Contrary to popular belief, limousine service is more affordable than most people think!


Congratulations to all! Whether your Special Day is just around the corner, or further up the road, you will have to consider a choice of transportation. For those considering limousines, here are some guidelines to consider before choosing a limousine service:


 Talk with a limousine specialist about the type of service you will need. The more information you can give a limousine specialist the better they should be able to serve you. There is no such thing as "to much" information when it pertains to your special day!


 Depending on your wedding date, your reservations should be made six months to a year in advance. Some dates get reserved quicker than others. If your planning your wedding in the months of April to October, you should reserve at least 1 year in advance. If you are having your wedding in the winter months, November to March, three to six months prior to your date is more than sufficient time to reserve. If you're interested in reserving one of our Specialty Vehicles, such as our:  Limo Buses, Escalades, Excursions, Navigators, Expeditions or Hummers; ( ), you will need to reserve them well in advance of your Special Day. We recommend up to a year in advance for our Specialty Fleet.


 When you call and speak with a company concerning their limousines, you should always insist on viewing their limousines before you put a deposit down. If you are dealing with a company that tells you that you can not see their limousines, it would not be recommended to reserve with them.  If a company has beautiful limousines in their fleet then they will be proud & willing to show them to you! We take Great Pride in showcasing our fleet of 30 vehicles, which took 22 years to build and is the largest fleet of limousines in Upstate New York! ( )


 Another great point of reference is to ask your Photographer or Videographer if they work with the transportation directly during your special day. They will know first hand which companies show up on time and are reputable and which ones are a good idea to stay away from.


 Make sure all their chauffeurs are properly trained and licensed for chauffeuring. Your chauffeur should be well versed in Bridal Etiquette. They should be able to sew the occasional tear, pin on those tricky boutonnieres and fluff your beautiful gown before you make your grand entrance. One of their most important qualities is to have the ability to calm the nerves of the eager bride & groom.


 Lastly, this might be the most important thing to inquire about, although it does not seem so: all limousines should be properly registered and insured with livery insurance. What this means is the license plate should say LIVERY right on the bottom of the plate, or should say BUS, if it is a vehicle that holds 14 passengers or more. Vanity plates (specialized plates with company name or logo on them) will also say livery on them. There are no vanity plates for buses. If the limousine you are considering does not have livery insurance, it would not be recommended to reserve with them. They could hold no liability for you in the unfortunate case of an accident. In addition to this, making sure all Bus’s & SUV Limousines are New York State DOT Inspected is also a very prudent idea.


Observing all of these tips will make the transportation aspect for your special day go extremely smooth. Although this sounds like a lot to pay attention to, it really isn’t. If you are dealing with a company that puts you first, all of these will follow. You can learn more about Today's Limousine by clicking our link Wishing you all the best on your special day!